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Summary of Results in 2018


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The September 2018 draw took place on the 6th September at the Theatre

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In 1999 the members of the Dawlish Repertory Company started a project which was then called "The Shaftesbury Quest" (now called the "Development Fund") to raise funds for major improvements to the theatre structure.  The main aims were to improve the facilities at the theatre for both members and patrons. So far over £300,000 has been raised and some of the works carried out include sloping the auditorium seating, improving disabled access and facilities to ensure the theatre is accessible to all patrons, creating a new spacious foyer, and updating the toilets for patrons. Works have also been done to improve the lighting box and ventilation in the auditorium, and as recently as February 2015 a new system was installed on the stage to bring the lighting and flying rigs up to modern standards.  


All funds raised from the 100 Club are used wholly for the Development Fund for the Shaftesbury Theatre.


Each member will pay a monthly subscription of just £1 per number to enter a monthly draw. You may buy more than one number per month.

The 100 Club will pay out 50% of the monthly revenue as prize money, divided between 3 lucky winners; the remaining 50% will be donated to The Shaftesbury Quest.

For example, if we have 100 members the fund for that month will be £100 and 50% will be used as prize money i.e. £50 split into three prizes.

The 1st prize will be £25 (if 100 members)

The 2nd prize will be £15 (if 100 members)

The third prize will be £10 (if 100 members)



Download a copy of the rules, complete a membership form and return it with your subscription to:

 Download Rules Form

 Download Membership Form


100 Club Administrator: Susan Kielty

Address: c/oThe Shaftesbury Theatre, Brunswick Place, Dawlish, EX7 9PB

Telephone:01626 862399


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.