The following are endorsements from the hirer's of the theatre, our aim is to make you feel welcome and support you needs to ensure a success production.

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The shaftesbury Theatre has been our chosen venue for our annual Academy Dance Shows for the past 3 years. I always feel welcome and relaxed when dealing with all staff there and enjoy working with everyone at the Theatre. The theatre is well equipped, smart, and spacious, proving a perfect venue which meets our needs. The team working there are professional, polite, helpful and an honour to work with. "Double Act", Iain and Carl who are the sound and lighting technicians at the Theatre ensure that all requests are met between themselves and the production Manager throughout any performance and have been an absolute pleasure to work alongside, bringing a real sense of humour and fun throughout. Myself and the Dance Academy look forward to our Shows here and have become familiar with both the Theatre and the Staff building strong relationships with all involved. I would strongly recommend the use of this Theatre to anyone looking for a reasonable sized venue with a dedicated, enthusiastic team working behind the scenes.
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For many years now the Dawlish Musical Theatre Company, (formerly The Dawlish Operatic Society), has had a long and productive relationship with the Shaftesbury Theatre. Although the two companies operate as separate entities we share many common aspirations and ideals; many individuals for example, are members of both the DMTC and the Dawlish Repertory company, which owns and runs the Shaftesbury Theatre.


The DMTC presents two shows per year, one in the spring, the other in the autumn, and these are always staged at the Shaftesbury. There are many arrangements to be made before these productions go 'live', liaison with the Shaftesbury team being very high on the priority list. On every occasion our meetings with our opposite numbers in the  Shaftesbury have resulted in high levels of co-operation that have enhanced any presentations staged by our Company.There are excellent technical facilities available in the lighting and sound departments which are run by a very knowledgeable team always willing to advise; scenery can be also be designed and used to fit the stage dimensions; those responsible for running the box office and front of house also provide a helpful service that comes with the hire agreement.There theatre has a very attractive foyer and bar area which can be decorated with posters, past productions materials, etc, these also provide a venue for any after-show celebration that might be planned.
In addition, there are display boards on the main forecourt which advertise any current production on offer.Finally, it would be true to say that although the DMTC might be able to present their twice-yearly shows at other venues, the facilities and help available at the Shaftesbury Theatre give added dimensions of professionalism and polish to any production staged there.


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